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India’s Cave Paintings: Prehistoric Alien Abductions?

“There are several beliefs among locals in these villages. While few worship the paintings, others narrate stories they have heard from ancestors about “rohela people” — the small sized ones — who used to land from sky in a round shaped flying object and take away one or two persons of village who never returned.”


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Hey Everybody! It’s me, Randy! I know I’ve been kind of checked out lately, but I’ve been working on a plan! Here it is!!!

Dan Schneider.


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*for John Keel

Here, above,
where fearsome angels cower, the Mothman
glides soundlessly above illusion. The moon
is something that cannot fly, and you cannot see
the moon, below him, as he spreads his terrible wings
his red eyes become the billion-year bloat
of giant stars dying into the useless night of eyes,
yours, folding in to the unremarked of realms.

But when the Mothman
comes, clearly, those who witness him rise above
those realms of plastic and styrofoam. To be human
is to disappoint- so the Mothman never does.
He is the summit of unknown and unbroken expectations,
and the inquisitor who asks: “What is the fallen
in you?” He cannot understand the onlookers
of life, the unmoved at Jericho’s tumble.

Up the facades
of inemotion, righter than left, and three winks
from Magonia, he rises, now sounding mechanical,
as if an early helicopter chopping its way
to your comprehension, the full breadth of his wings
spreading, as if to say, “I, too, have form!”
Yet, he has no head, nor mouth, nor nose, nor ears,
just huge glowing eyes in a gray-brown skin.

Then he returns
to earth, leaving the now of your wonder,
as if to instruct the mortal of their poor restraint.
Gently, gently he dares to shaping the odors
of your dreams, disnebulous as your remembrance
of him, filling the emptiness that springtimes do,
at times, distilling your denial into a tear,
singular as a day, but ten times as salty.

Each night he must
dissolve in to a crane, an owl, or a bugaboo
of dismission that underlies comfortability.
But his is not there. He regards it a disease
that the earthbound must overcome. He does
it by looming over the American night, the consensus
universe that you construct. Sometimes, he watches
you as you whistle by the wonder he swallows whole.

If you catch him
looking at you, be very afraid. Not of him,
nor some grim intent, but because his eyes will curve
in to you- hold your eye up to his eye, it is all
blood- a deep placidity no human can share, nor bear,
cool and pure as the scent of a stark dry thing
the wet of an animal’s nose remembers, the mist
of a thunderhead’s calm, the drum of rain on umbrellas.

tinyfruitbat asked:

Got anything to say about mothman? He's been my favorite cryptid for a while now.


Mothman! I got a lot to say about the Mothman!

Popularized in the media by the movie The Mothman Prophecies, but that movie was VERY heavily exaggerated. There were, obviously, no phonecalls. The so called prophecy, however, was very real.

The Mothman was, most famously, seen on the Silver Bridge just before it’s collapse. The funny thing is, it wasnt seen by just a single person. There were a few reports of something standing on the silver bridge a few days before it’s collapse, by multiple people. To my knowledge, there were numerous interrogations were done to all the witnesses, and none of them even knew each other.

The description was all the same- the eyes being most prominent and it lead to a few investigations by UFO researchers, because the eyes were initially believed to be UFOs! However, just after the bridge collapse…the sightings stopped entirely.

Many skeptics claim the Mothman is a mis-identified Owl, though no owl migratory patterns correspond with the sightings.

I have done extensive research on the Mothman! He was a mild obsession of mine for a very long time. A lot of people believe that the Mothman is an alien. I really dont classify the Mothman as a cryptid, since it is apparently the only one and appears very specifically. I almost want to say that the Mothman is a time traveler, based in it’s knowledge of immanent tragedies.

I don’t have much evidence to back up this theory, but I believe that the things that happened needed to happen for a reason, and the Mothman was there to make sure it happened the way it was supposed to. Seeing as how there havent been any sightings recently that didnt turn out to be a hoax. So my theory is that the Mothman was a time traveler.

Doesnt that sound crazy though? A lot of research ive done seems to point to it having specific places it needed to be and at specific times.

Another theory I have, though I’m still really researching this one, is that the Mothman was a particularly mischievous member of the Fae. Once the Mothman accidentally aided in the collapse of the Silver Bridge, it realized that the human world was no place for a Faerie and disappeared from whence it came. I dont know about that too much though, there are a lot of holes in that theory, like the Fae’s allergy to Iron.  

Possible alien abduction(but probably just the beginnings of OCD)

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So thanks to my biological fathers fabulous genes I have terrible acne still. Right now it’s been spreading to my arms( I think; possibly allergic reaction as I have atrocious grass allergies and I live in wa state). But as my studying my arms( not picking because never again; story for later) I…

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"I Want to Believe" by Dead End Designhttp://www.facebook.com/deadenddesignArtist Name: 


"I Want to Believe" by Dead End Design
http://www.facebook.com/deadenddesignArtist Name:

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Deleted scene from Memento Mori [originally found by]

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